Our painting services

Multicoat Seevens has a wide range of services. Among others, you can come to us for:

  • Coating: when it comes to yacht coatings we understand the needs of our customers. We provide quality products and service solutions that perform for boat owners, boatbuilders and boatyard professionals.
  • Spraying: spray paint your yacht in your desired colour. Multicoat Seevens has access to very modern yacht spraying facilities, which allow a dust-free paint finish.
  • Yacht painting: having your boat painted by Multicoat Seevens will help you protect, beautify and improve your boat's performance. Our paint solutions include antifouling, boat primers and yacht varnish and they help protect your boat.
  • Yacht varnishing: as an established yacht refinishing services company, we are specialized in yacht painting and varnishing. Our services range from minor repairs to complete refinishing and refit.
  • Repair works: at Multicoat Seevens, we want you to receive quality boat repair service as fast as possible and at a competitive price. We take our boat repair service very seriously and want to get you back on the water fast!
  • Kitchen renovation: kitchen renovations are more popular than ever. You don't have to throw everything away to create a new look for your home. If you want to change the way your kitchen looks you have found the right partner. We can transform your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams!
  • Painting houses: Multicoat Seevens is not only specialised in yachts. You can also request our services if you need to have your house or any other premises painted, on the inside or outside. We have many years of experience, experience it yourself!
  • Staff: we have educated and experienced spray staff. Just contact us if you need someone to do a paint job for you!

If you would like any references or details of our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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